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The Legal Guidance That You And Your Family Deserve

Going through a conflict that involves your family is never easy. The experience often feels overwhelming, hopeless and impossibly complex. Fortunately, you have the option of working with a lawyer who knows how to guide you through it.

I am attorney Jennifer Murdock Percy. For nearly a decade, I have devoted my career to helping individuals and families through a variety of difficult family law problems. At Murdock Percy Law, PLLC, I can assist you with nearly any family issue you may encounter, including:

  • Divorce: When ending your marriage, I will explain your options and uphold your rights.
  • Alimony: Get the amount of support you need if you were not the primary breadwinner.
  • Division of marital property: Equitably dividing your assets and debts for your future.
  • Child custody and visitation: Preserving your children’s best interests in a custody dispute.
  • Child support: Helping you obtain or pay a fair amount of child support for your kids.

Because I am seasoned in both litigation and negotiation, I can handle your case whether it involves sitting down with your ex amicably or proceeding to trial.

Support – Loyalty – Compassion

The most important qualities I offer go beyond legal help. I also make a point to develop a personal relationship with you, so I understand what you are going through. We will work together closely, and you can lean on me as an ally and confidante at the difficult steps of your journey.

Reach Out For Guidance Today

You and your family deserve the protection of a strong attorney. I can be that attorney for you. Contact me to schedule an initial consultation when you are ready to discuss your family law challenge. To reach the office of Murdock Percy Law, PLLC, please call 435-310-9606 or use my online contact form.