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During a divorce, you will encounter a spectrum of choices that determine the course of your future. From property division to child custody and visitation, the decisions you make today will have long-lasting impacts on the people in your life. Work with a caring divorce attorney who can help you make best decisions for you and your family.

At Murdock Percy Law, PLLC, I use nearly a decade of experience in family law matters to guide Utah clients through the often-difficult divorce process. No matter how contentious a divorce may feel, I supply compassion and support behind the scenes. Allow me to represent you in negotiation, mediation or litigation proceedings as I help you move toward a happier future.

What To Know About Divorce In Utah

Utah has some unique laws when it comes to divorce. For instance, there is a 90-day waiting period before the court will hear a divorce complaint. This means that you must wait about three months at least before the court will finalize your divorce.

In Utah, you also have three options for divorce: contested divorce, uncontested divorce and default divorce. If you and your spouse disagree on terms such as parenting time, you have a contested divorce. Uncontested divorce is when spouses agree on or can compromise on the divorce terms. Default divorce occurs when one spouse files for divorce and the other one does not respond to the petition.

Discuss Your Options With A Lawyer

When you work with Murdock Percy Law, PLLC, I can explain your legal options and help ensure that you get fair treatment from the court. When you are ready, reach out to me at Murdock Percy Law, PLLC for guidance through your divorce. To schedule an initial consultation, please call my Heber City office at 435-310-9606 or send me an email.